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Sunday June 04 2023

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AQUA SPA - Where the time stops
Place Bédard, 11 Cholette, Gatineau (QC)  J8Y 1J5

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AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops

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Spa and sauna

It only takes a slight moment of alternation between our spa and sauna for you to experiment the summum of well-being.

The combined effect of the sauna, a well-known place of body and spirit purification, and spa will allow the opening of the pores and the cleaning of the system through the pores by the effective elimination of toxins.

The sauna and spa also contributes to stress and fatigue elimination as well as blood circulation stimulation.

Once your journey in the spa and sauna comes to an end, you won’t need anything but a refreshing shower followed by a glass of water in order for you to notice that the benefits of the spa and sauna last way beyond your session.

You will feel as if you were in heaven...

AQUA SPA - Sauna