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Sunday June 04 2023

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AQUA SPA - Where the time stops
Place Bédard, 11 Cholette, Gatineau (QC)  J8Y 1J5

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AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops

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Orthotherapy aims to relieve muscle and joint pain which may take the form of headaches or backaches, tendonitis, sciatic neuralgia, stiffness in the limbs, etc.. This pain can be caused by poor posture, sudden movements, strokes, accidents or lack of exercise.

Hot stones massage

This type of massage is practiced using volcanic stones that are deposited, for a few seconds, on specific parts of the body. The hot stones will bring to you the Earth’s energy by providing you with a muscular heating that will dissolve tensions, lessen pain and improve blood circulation.

Cold stones are generally used at the end of the treatment to cool down the inflammation points and tighten the pores.

AQUA SPA - Massotherapy Hot Stones

Pressotherapy is practiced using devices (inflatable boots) that, by pressure, mass the legs in order to activate the blood circulation. Pressotherapy is a pneumatic lymphatic drainage which helps to relaunch the lymphatic system and to stimulate the elimination process.

AQUA SPA - Massotherapy Pressotherapy
Anti-cellulitis treatment

This irregular aspect of the thigh and hip skins, specific to women, is linked to the multiplication of fat, water and collagen fibre (deep under the skin fibre) cells. This is sometimes worsened due to hormonal (contraception...) and circulatory (venous shortage, varicose) considerations. Come explore how Aqua Spa’s multiple techniques can help you in this field.

AQUA SPA - Anti-cellulitis treatment

Body exfoliation

Process by which we take down and remove dead cells from the epidermis in order to permit a better absorption, by the skin, of the active ingredients that are present in body care products (sea salt, mud, clay, algae or grainy cream all specifically designed for that matter).

AQUA SPA - Body exfoliation
"Heavy legs" treatment

Massage with clay application, followed by pressotherapy. Used for tired or swollen (due to venous shortage) legs, this treatment helps to ease leg heaviness and to ease ankle and nocturnal leg cramp swellings.

AQUA SPA - 'Heavy legs' treatment

Neck-shoulders treatment

A massage of the neck and shoulders is designed to relieve tension and eliminate stress. The most relaxing position is lying with a pillow to support the head. Shoulder massage is a massage applied to the base of the neck in order to eliminate contractures. Relieve your shoulders for a total well-being.