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Monday June 05 2023

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AQUA SPA - Where the time stops
Place Bédard, 11 Cholette, Gatineau (QC)  J8Y 1J5

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AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops AQUA SPA - Where time stops

AQUA SPA - Rocks
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Come live an unforgettable experience

Imagine a universe of relaxation, in which time stops, where dreams and reality are confused, where your senses swim in a subliminal state, where an ultimate resting atmosphere exists, where your body and spirit can let go without the slightest concern, where your comfort and well-being represent a mission...

This universe exists and it is located in the heart of Gatineau! As soon as you will enter Aqua Spa, you will feel unparalleled sensations due to the warm and relaxed climate in which you will be received.

Offer yourself and to your loved ones our services of massotherapy, interior spa & sauna, hairdressing and aesthetics...

Why choose Aqua Spa?

Aqua Spa is a unique concept of its kind. Because of our design, which is based on the concept that each room represents a different country, you will travel to India, Greece, Spain, Asia, Aqua Spa’s one and only wrapped environment.

Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellation.